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… prompting developments

… activating new problem-solving approaches

…. embedding sustainable changes


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Satisfied clients return – enthusiastic ones bring their friends.

“… we were able to engage the services of Andreas Wieland for our conferences in Stuttgart and Berlin. His impulse talks are characterized by an exciting mix of scientific insights, management concepts and business entertainment. Thanks to his eloquence, he is able to stimulate on-target, inspiring development impulses in all his listeners…”
Frank Scheelen, Chairman of the Board of SCHEELENĀ® AG, Germany – Austria – Switzerland – USA

“… for over 10 years, Andreas Wieland has been inspiring the students of our Master Programs (MBA, MIM) with his Organizational Development/Change Management module. His comprehensive expertise and the captivating style of his lecturing have earned him excellent personal feedback and evaluation results both in Salzburg and in South Tyrol every year.”
Extraord. Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Scherrer, Salzburg University


  • Inspiring talks on subjects such as extraordinary leadership (Zenger/Folkman), discovering and promoting talents, the power of solution-focusing according to Ben Furman, etc.
  • Effective learning settings for reinforcing leadership and management qualities
  • ‘Fit for change’, planning own change projects in change workshops for immediate realization and test driving
  • Systematic use of management diagnostics as part of the selection and development process